Online Application & Exam Management System

We offer online Admission automation solutions to radically transform your enrolments, Accept form and collect fees with a built in payment gateway electronically and exam management system services which help to conduct entrance examination online.

All in one for you, Services We Provide

Exam Management System solutions offered by us can be tailored as per your organization needs and requirements. We’re willing to organise complete process of examination or any individual service as per the exam specification. We are Examination conducting company which provide end to end exam management software solutions. Start receiving applications and fees online in minutes!

Online Registration Process

We offer complete solution for handling the exam registration and online application form submission procedure. The online form can be customized as per the exam needs and requirements. Based on the examination rules and regulations we define the application form layout design which helps you to segregate the registered application for further usage.

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Fee Payment Procedure

We provide secure and highly reliable payment gateway to execute the exam application fee transaction. We implant encrypted mechanism for examination fee payment with secure socket layer protocol. Our exam application fee provides you to implement multiple mode of online payment such as Debit/Credit Card, Net Banking, E-Wallet. Simplify the exam fee management with our integrated payment solution.

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Online Exam Management

We design the portal as per the exam specification and variety of exam type which include [MCQ’s, Long Answer, Short Answers, Fill in the blanks, Diagram type]. Apply Online Form offers secure exam browser with enables freezing the candidate’s browser while taking the exam, disable the use of any desktop, software or internet for cheating purpose, automatically alert candidates action in real time. We documents the examination audit and simulate the complete exam process with 100% accuracy rate.

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Exam Result Processing

We provide you different grading logics for different sections & questions type. The publication of examination results will be managed by securely store all the data with our cloud-based solution. We offer flexible solution which help you to reach high volume of applicant number and execute the exam result management efficiently.

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Why Choose Us

Adopting Technologies

Advanced analytics and independent platform oriented solution.

Secure Habitat

Cloud based solutions and encrypted terminologies will make the completed process error free.

Customized Solution

Organize the examination management system as per the organization requirements.

Full Support

Quick response for any technical error or issues in the process of exam management.

Industries We Serve

College Online Application Portal & Exam Management System

University Online Application Portal & Exam Management System

Entrance Online Application Portal & Exam Management System

School Online Application Portal & Exam Management System

About Apply Online Form

Want to reduce the burden of exam conducting process? You’re in the right place. Apply Online Form is the commercial product of Site Galleria Pvt Ltd which helped the numerous organizations by providing a series of services related to examination procedure. Collaborate with us for managing End to End online examination process in a secure and efficient environment. Apply Online Form is the most reputable Exam Management System in India which offer reliable solution for your multiple examination needs.

Our Online Examination Management System helps you to create and conduct various types of examination in school level, college level, university level, including qualifying entrance exams, mid-term exams, periodic tests and many more. It is designed to manage access permissions for different users to prevent misuse and mismanagement of legal and official data by any unauthorized user. Apply Online Form is recognized as one of the largest and fast growing online exam management solution providers globally and assisting over 50+ organization in 12 different sectors. Our vastly experienced and highly professional team will make examination process a seamless activity with highly secure habitat.

Industries We Serve

College Online Application Portal & Exam Management System

Colleges might have to conduct various types of exams to assess the students such as college entrance exams, Periodical tests, Online Tests, Open Book exams, and more.They can be trying. To make it easy for colleges for conducting all such various types of test and exams, Site Galleria has developed Apply Online Form, an online exam management system. With Apply Online Form conducting college exams is easy, as it reduces lot of manual work and improves efficiency. Also, the accuracy and transparency of the tests and reports are maintained. Our Exam Management system helps in automating the entire examination process from creation of test papers and grading criteria to handling logistics and allocating invigilators. Use Apply Online Form and go eco-Friendly.

University Online Application Portal & Exam Management System

With Apply Online Form, conduct University Entrance exams, Placement tests, Periodical tests, online tests, Open Book exams, Final exams and more, hassle free. Create Student Details for Registration of exams such as Student's data entry, Exam Seat Allotment & etc. You can also create tests and exam reports as it facilitates the Marks Entry records and result calculations such as Marks and grade entry, Grade allotment and calculation, Printing of report cards, merit lists and more.
Apply Online Form is an excellent exam management system and easy to use, eco-friendly system that can effectively automate and streamline exam planning and execution, paper-free. Universities can conduct in-house examinations via our exam management system. Apply Online Form supports the layout and pattern of all types of examinations. Use Apply Online Form and go Paper-free.

Entrance Online Application Portal & Exam Management System

Entrance exams are conducted by various educational institutions to select students for admissions into a particular stream or class. Conducting entrance exams, evaluation of exams and publishing results are not easy, as thousands to lakhs of students participate in the entrance exams. Thus, an online examination management system is much required to ease the entire process. Apply Online Form is one such system that reduces the manual intervention and also is eco-friendly and easy to use. It can effectively automate and streamline exam planning and execution, paper-free.
Create various types of exams which includes, course/subject creation, exam scheme, exam evaluation patterns, grading criteria and more. Creating reports is also easy and is just through clicks as it keeps the Marks Entry records and facilitates result calculations such as marks and grade entry, Grade calculation and allotments, Printing of report cards, merit lists, etc.

School Online Application Portal & Exam Management System

Evaluation of student abilities and performance is a must in schools and thus schools conduct various types of tests/exams. Apply Online Form, is an online exam management system that makes it easy to conduct and maintain all the details of internal/external exams, theory/practical test, teacher wise internal assessment, automatic result preparation and printing report cards. Now, teachers can keep marks entry records and performs result calculations, update student’s marks and generating different reports in bulk with a single click, and thus reduces time, effort and paperwork.
Create various types of exams using Apply Online Form, which includes course/subject creation, exam scheme, exam evaluation patterns, grading criteria and more. You can also manage exam scheduling such as, generating exam timetable and hall ticket, attendance sheet generation, seat arrangements, entry of absentees, etc.

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